Growing seaweed is on the rise in the Netherlands, but also abroad. Seaweed farming is seen as a solution to future food shortages. The great advantage of seaweed is that it is grown in the sea where there is still a lot of space available and that it is very rich in healthy nutrients that are of great importance to humans. Furthermore, it is a very versatile product, it can be used as a main course, side dish, meat substitute, animal feed, flavor enhancer, etc.

Machinefabriek Bakker has been closely involved in the development of cultivation, harvesting and processing methods from the very start and has gained a great deal of experience and knowledge over the years. See below some examples of the possibilities.

Seaweed farm

Bakker supplies the complete farm for the cultivation of seaweed, which mainly consists of anchoring (pole or anchor), main lines, floats, breeding rope and snoods.

Breeding rope

The breeding rope is the rope on which the seaweed grows. In collaboration with growers, various ropes have been developed especially for seaweed cultivation. We can supply unweighted, weighted but also compostable rope in almost any desired diameter and length.

Sowing seaweed

To sow the seaweed on the breeding ropes, a sowing machine has been developed that makes it possible to sow large quantities of line quickly and effectively. Until a few years ago, this manual work was very labour-intensive and therefore expensive. See some pictures of the seeders below.

Some advantages of this machine

  • Works very fast
  • Saves costs
  • Is compact and lightweight
  • All rotating parts can be controlled separately in speed
  • Many options and setting options so that the machine can be installed almost in any available space


When the seaweed is fully grown it must be harvested. Until recently, this was manual work, but Machinefabriek Bakker has also developed a machine for this. After being hoisted on board, the seaweed is intensively rinsed to minimize the amount of sand, organisms and other unwanted products. The seaweed is then cut off and placed in a big bag or box. The rope is brushed clean, rinsed and stored so that it can be reused. Below are photos of the complete harvesting system and rinsing the weed.

Some advantages of this machine

  • Works fast
  • Seaweed remains undamaged
  • Is compact and lightweight
  • Many options and setting options so that the machine can be can be installed almost in any available space